The following vignettes are an opportunity to have a glimpse into the past and see how people felt at different periods about a key event occurring in history.  The vignettes range from 1923 when African Americans migrated to the north looking for economic opporunities to the Detroit race riots in 1943.

A shop keeper shares her experience of the 1943 Detroit Race Riots

A community member expresses his anger over racial injustices occuring throughout the city and his demand for action.

A factory worker discusses the advantages and disadvangtages of moving to Detrot to work in the factories.

Walker, a husband and father, discusses the challenges in deciding to move to Detroit in order to look for better work to sustain his family.

A couple shares their joy in hearing the verdict of Dr. Ossian Sweet's trial.

A community member talks about the lack of available living space in neighborhoods and homes due to families moving up from the south.

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