Truth commissions are nonjudicial, independent panels of inquiry typically set up to establish the facts and context of serious violations of human rights. The commissions’ members are usually empowered to conduct research, support victims and propose policy recommendations to prevent recurrence of violations. Most commissions focus victims needs as a path toward reconciliation and reducing conflict over the past. Truth commissions have been established on every continent in efforts to address a variety of violations against humanity. For more info about truth commissions please visit

How is a truth commission a model of change?

Truth commissions by nature are set up to bring to the surface a narrative of the problem that hasn’t been told, a narrative that has been oppressed in communities over a period of time. Truth Commissions engage those least likely to be engaged in a process of investigation and healing. We believe that the truth commission has a possibility of transforming a community in a way that leads to justice for those most oppressed by the structures and institutions.

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