There comes a time in the life of every community when it must look honestly and seriously into its past in order to provide the best possible foundation for moving into a future based on healing and hope; a future that is consistent with the United States of America’s founding promise of equality and opportunity for all.

-Charter for the Metropolitan Detroit Truth & Reconciliation Commission on Racial Inequality

Do you live where you want to live, or where you have to live?  It’s a question that many people either do not think about or have never asked themselves.  Why?  Because today the ability to simply live in a house is viewed as a basic necessity that affords numerous choices and one that is accessible to everyone.  History, however, has proven that to be untrue.  In reality, the founding of America’s cities and towns have been built upon social, economic, and legally sanctioned racial separation.  Below are several ways to explore the history of metro Detroit and its contributing factors to the development of today’s neighborhoods and communities.

"We Don't Want Them" Traveling Exhibit

The traveling exhibit is an opportunity for viewers to walk through historical events and movements that have lead to the creation of today’s residential segregation and its insidious effects.  The “We Dont Want Them” brochure provides an overview of the traveling exhibit’s components.


See our Events Calendar to find out when the exhibit will be near you!

Interactive Timeline

Coming Soon!!

An interactive timeline is underway to provide you with the opportunity to explore history by viewing documents, watching videos and taking quizzes to learn the story of Detroit not found in the history books!

Retelling the History Vignettes

Courtesy of the Charles H. Wright Museum, six mini vignettes have been created summarizing key events or movements that impacted Detroit’s history.

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