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Since 1941 The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion has been a not-for-profit civil rights organization located in Detroit working to overcome discrimination and racism by crossing racial, religious, ethnic and cultural boundaries. We bring together community leaders from government, law enforcement, education, faith, grass roots organizations and business to understand different points of view and then take action to overcome structural impediments to inclusion and equity. Our programs are recognized by national organizations for bringing about sustainable change. We work to address inequity throughout our region through a process of recognition, reconciliation/reorientation and renewal. We strive to build relationships that create social justice and build sustainable inclusive communities

Race2Equity: Examining Race, Place and Opportunity in Metro Detroit

The challenge is this: Detroit is one of the most segregated cities in America.  It is the segregation of hope and opportunity for the future that impairs our ability to thrive as a region.  The Michigan Roundtable's Race2Equity Porject is a multi-year campaign to engage the larger community in dialougue and planning to grow a more equitable, vibrant region and city by 2020.

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Community Engagement

From Downriver to St. Clair Shores to Auburn Hills to Plymouth we are committed to engage the City of Detroit and the greater metro community!  Participate in amazing conferences, conversations, town-halls, workshops and community gatherings aimed at understanding racial inequity and what can be done to make a change!

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Models of Change

The Michigan Roundtable and the Race2Equity Project utilize several different models of change. We believe strongly in the impact that individuals have in their local communities to make transformational change pushing back against historical patterns of institutional and structural oppression.


Our work has led us to explore two specific models that are being used in the Race2Equity Project; The Truth and Reconciliation Process and William Bridges Transitions Theory.

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Truth and Reconciliation Process

Other models of change are being used in the City and region. Some of these great works are RECI,  The Boggs Center at www.boggscenter.org, Detroit Future Youth Network at youth.detroitfuture.org, Jefferson East Business Association at www.jeffersoneast.org and MOSES at www.mosesmi.org for more information visit their website.

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